Lemon Honey Rose Scrub

Lemon Honey Rose Scrub

The Lemon Honey Rose Scrub by Bloom Within is perfect for those who suffer from acne, scarring, dark spots, and also for those who want an amazing glow to their skin. This scrub works miracles for those suffering from facial scarring, due to the fact the properties embedded into the product are known to lighten and brighten the skin.





Coconut oil

Rose Oil 

Vitamin C which builds collagen & helps skin renewal

Organic AHA

An organic natural humectant to keep skin moist while treating.

& Many more!


Some helpful tips are:

1) You need to be exfoliating. The reason being is you want to lighten the scars and get rid of all the dead skin cells

2) After using this exfoliation scrub make sure you use a natural moisturizer. We recommend Bloom Within’s Facial Day Cream or Facial Night Cream depending on the time you use the scrub.


  • After washing your face with water use 2 tablespoons and massage the mixture on to your skin.
  • Leave on face for 10-15 minutes
  • Wash off with luke warm water
  • Dry
  • Apply Bloom Within’s Facial Cream


It takes about 3-4 applications a week for 2 weeks to see some results.

Product Size: 4oz

$ 15.99