Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub Infused With Mint Leaves

Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub Infused With Mint Leaves

Brown Sugar Scalp  Scrub by Bloom Within

Made for a deep cleaning of your scalp


Made with 100% organic natural ingredients


This scalp scrub will exfoliate your entire scalp with out any harsh chemicals (unlike the ones you find in drug stores, etc.) This scalp scrub will remove any dead, dandruff, and dry skin cells leaving your head silky smooth. This scrub will keep the scalp healthy and hydrated all day long.


How it Works

The all-natural ingredient instantly hydrates, and removes dead skin cells leaving your hair follicles in the perfect condition to sprout new healthy hair. Vitamins and antioxidants nourish, while organic oils deeply moisturize, thus improving your  dry, and damaged hair follicles. This also reduces inflammation, promotes earlier removal of dry skin scales, and optimizes moisture retention.



Brown Sugar

Coconut Oil

Mint Leaves

Essential Oils

& Many more!



Rub product in circular motion on scalp, rinse off with warm water. Follow up with Bloom Within’s shampoo bar or Essential Retention Grease


Product Size: 8oz

$ 18.99