How It Began!

Bloom Within started after owner Rena Oakley was tired of having dry, brittle, and damaged hair that she believed "wouldn't grow." She began to study Nutrition on the collegiate level, after she was taught on how all the oils and vitamins affected the human body she deemed herself too educated to continue to let her hair disintegrate before her eyes. After many trials and errors she finally had a product that made her hair healthy and begin to grow astoundingly. She was able to revert her damaged and she was able to grow her hair over 4.5" in three months.


She began to fall in love with natural products and what they could do to the human body she began to create her own lotions and body scrubs. She truly believes that the human body does not need to consume access chemicals nor do they need to put them on their body topically.

These products changed her life and she hopes and believes that they will do the same to each individual who uses them!