Scalp Repair

Scalp Repair

"Scalp Repair" by Bloom Within, is an all natural mixture that penetrates deep within the layers of the epidermis, thus bringing relief to an aggravated scalp, at the same time the mixture strengthens the hair roots, as it repairs damaged hair on the scalp. This mixture also acts as a sealant & is recommended to use directly after applying "Essential Hair Growth" by Bloom Within


After applying "Essential Hair Growth" by Bloom Within

1) Part your hair in desired sections

2) Rub mixture on finger tip and apply directly to scalp working your way to the ends of your hair

3) Gently massage hair for 1-2 minutes


This Product is 2oz


& Remember healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! You need a good foundation for your hair growth! 



Please note it takes up to two weeks to receive product

$ 12.00